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San Blas

We offer the best service and prices on the market today. Bringing our clients safe and reliable service to San Blas, and back!

Full Day Tours

Tours that only last one day!

Private Charters

Special transportation only for your family and friends.


We offer cargo and logistic services to sailboats in San Blas, as a means to bring food and amenities to captains.

Travel Agencies

We work internationally with travel agencies, so as to provide them with the most reliable service in the market.

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Lam Tours Panama
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Lam Tours Panama is a family run company that has been operating in Panamá for over 20 years! Traveling to San Blas was pioneered, and made possible, by the Lam family. The roads, ports, and tourism where created by the Lam family as a foundation to what it is now.

The generosity of the Lam family has allowed the indigenous of San Blas to thrive from the evergreen market that is tourism.

  • Legally able to operate within Panamá and San Blas.

  • The finest service for all clients.

  • Safe, and reliable service with over 20 years of experience.

  • Multilingual and international service.

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